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在線播放:初中英語人教版八年級上冊Unit 2 How often do you exercise重慶u2 reading教學設計

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初中英語人教版八年級上冊Unit 2 How often do you exercise重慶u2 reading教學設計

視頻標簽:How often,you exercise


視頻課題:初中英語人教版八年級上冊Unit 2 How often do you exercise重慶u2 reading教學設計

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初中英語人教版八年級上冊Unit 2 How often do you exercise重慶市珊瑚初級中學曾萍 u2 reading教學設計

一. 教材分析:本次參賽內容選用人教社新目標初中英語教材8上Unit 2,該單元話題是課余活動“Free time activities”, 功能是能談論從事活動的頻率“Talk about how often you do things”。Unit 2 Section A側重與話題有關的詞匯和語言結構的學習,以及話題下的聽說訓練;Section B側重閱讀,除繼續深入學習Section A所學語言結構,百分拓展了Section A的話題,從談論“課余活動的頻率”過渡到談論“日常飲食和其他生活習慣”。作為閱讀板塊,本課Section B 2a為讀前活動,2b呈現了一份有關“學生課余活動的頻率”的調查報告,不僅分析了調查結果,還對調查中發現的問題提出來建議。2c-2d通過回答問題和專屬數字信息的方式引導學生繼續深入理解語篇,側重對文章的細節和深層信息的理解,并關注了相關的語言表達。2e是一個讀后拓展活動,讓學生調查同學的課余活動方式及活動頻率,并仿照2b中提供的示范做一個餅圖。
二. 學情分析:八年級上學生通過一學年的英語學習,已經具有一定的英語學習能力,但是部分學生在閱讀和寫作的能力方面仍然很薄弱,故本教學設計注重訓練學生的閱讀策略和閱讀速度的培養,從分析篇章結構來指導學生的寫作,從而實現對單元語言重難點的突破,并且為單元話題寫作任務做鋪墊。
三. 教學設計主要思路:本課按照“聽力輸入——閱讀訓練——由讀促寫”的過程逐層推進,課型定位為單元話題為核心的閱讀課。本節閱讀教學注重培養學生的英語基礎知識和基本技能,更重要的是培養孩子們正確的情感態度、價值觀乃至思維能力。本課采用讀前、讀中、讀后的過程性設計思路,從調查報告語篇文體結構特征為突破口,以閱讀技能瀏覽、掃讀為策略,要求學生在閱讀過程中利用預測、分析、質疑、推斷、總結、評判,對文本本身所蘊涵的信息進行認知、理解與加工,然后進行深層次的解讀、分析與評價。學生在閱讀中與作者不斷地“對話、溝通和交流”,小組合作學習,主動參與,最后環節通過做問卷調查、設計餅圖、仿寫閱讀文本做口頭報告,讓每一個學生成為積極主動的閱讀者。
四. 教學設計:

Teaching content: Go for it! Grade 8 Unit 2 Section B 2a-2e
Learning Objectives:
By the end of this class, students will be able to:
  1. get to know about the structure of a survey report;
  2. skim the article to get the main idea;
  3. scan the article to find the details;
  4. draw their own pie charts and make comments on the survey results.
Focus and difficulties:
Focuses: language structure of a survey report.
Difficulties: the expression of “percents”, and making comments on the survey results.
Step1 Greeting and pre-reading (5 min )                           
Activities outline T—Ss  Aims Evaluation
T: Watch a short video to lead in the topic “free time activities” of this unit.
Ss: Pairwork about frequency
Lead in the topic “free time activities”.
Get Ss to review frequency and ready for the following reading.
Ss can listen for the details and talk about free time activities and frequency.
Step 2 While-reading (23 mins)                         
Activities outline Ss/Half/G   Aims Evaluation
1. Ss predict the main idea from the title.
2. T shows the language structure of a survey report.
Ss skim the article and divide it into 3 parts.
Get Ss to learn to make predictions from the title;
Get Ss to know about the language structure of a survey report.
Ss can get some information from the title.
Most of Ss can divide the article into 3 parts.
3. T guides the Ss to scan the article and get the information of “percents”.
Ss complete their own pie chart and then help each other to finish the other one.
4. Ss analyze the datas and make comments.
5. Ss try to get the writer’s opinion.
Get Ss to know about the expression of “percents”.
Create an information gap and get Ss how to read information from pie charts.
Get Ss to analyze the datas.
Get Ss to grasp the writer’s opinion.
Most of Ss can read the “percents”.
Ss can analyze the datas and make comments.
Ss can find out the writer’s opinion from the multiple-choice.
Step 3 Post-reading. (10 mins)
Activities outline T-Ss-Sind-G Aims  Evaluation
1. T: Challenge your memory!
Ss retell the article.
Ss/S1:Read the sample diary and self-summarize.
2. Ss make comments on the results and the writer’s opinion.
3. Ss do a survey, and make a pie chart and report.
Get Ss to review the whole article.
Get Ss to practice their critical thinking.
Get Ss to work in groups.
Most of Ss can retell the article in chorus.
Ss can have their own mind.
Ss can make a pie chart and report in groups.
Step 4  Conclusion (2 mins)
Activities outline Ss  Aims Evaluation
1. T: Let’s write a poster about our free time activities.
Ss learn to make a good plan for their free time.
2. T assigns homework: 2c, 2d& write a survey report.
Get Ss to know about the importance of planning.
Evaluate the students’ learning in this period.
Ss can know about the importance of planning.
. 板書設計:
What do No 5 High School Students Do
 in Their Free Time?


Unit 2 Section B Reading 學案A
一、Jigsaw reading課文2b餅圖填寫:讀下面的課文,完成相對應的一個pie chart,然后小組合作,將你自己餅圖上的信息傳達給同學(用英語描述百分比),從而幫助彼此完成。
The answers to our questions about watching television were also interesting. Only two percent of the students watch TV one to three times a week. Thirteen percent watch TV four to six times a week. And eighty-five percent watch TV every day! Although many students like to watch sports, game shows are the most popular.
1.在某人空閑的時間 in one’s free time   2.詢問 ask… about…(free time activities)
3.百分之……的學生 .. percent of the students    4.一點也不 not… at all = never
5.上網 go online  6. at least    7.有關……的問題的答案 the answers to the question about…
8.例如such as  9.和某人共度 spend time with sb.     10.積習難改 old habits die hard.
11.為時太晚;來不及了it’s too late.
調查內容 … asked … about…
Our question was about…
調查結果 ①We found that…(可自行選擇使用表達方式,不用全部都用)
②We all know that…, but we were surprised that…
③The answers to our questions about … were also interesting.
Although …, …are the most popular.
調查結論 It’s good to relax by…, but…
And remember,… So…
Question問題: How often do you ______________________?
采訪對象 1-3 times a week 4-6 times a week Every day Never
Person 1: T  /  S        
Person 2: T  /  S        
S1: Today we asked some students about their free time activities. Our question was about reading.
S2: We found that 40% of the students read every day. 50% of them read 3 or 4 times a week.
S3: We all know that reading is important, but we were surprised that 10% don’t read at all.
S4: It’s good to relax by playing computer games, but we think reading is good for us. And remember reading can open your eyes. So start reading before it’s too late.
Word bank語庫:
reading can open your eyes.閱讀可以開闊你的眼界!
Reading can make you smarter. 閱讀會讓你變得更聰明!
Good health is over wealth. 健康是最大的財富!
Health is the most important.健康是最重要的!
Don’t play computer games for long hours. 別長時間打電腦!
It’s bad for your eyes. 對你的視力不好。
Shopping is the most important thing for girls. 購物對女生來說是最重要的。
Shopping online is the most popular now. 現在網購相當流行!
Students don’t have enough money, so learn to buy the things we need.學生錢不多,所以學會買需要的東西吧!
You can be an artist if you draw well!你畫畫好,會成為藝術家!
Have a good rest after playing sports. 做運動后休息一下! 
It’s good to relax by playing sports. 通過運動放松是很好的!

Exercise    Use of the Internet     Watch TV      Your idea!

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